Which kratom is like vicodin on killing pain

Today I wanted to talk about which kratom is like vicodin, and particularly what the best kratom for pain is. For any of you guys who have dealt with chronic pain, or are dealing with chronic pain, you know that it can be — it can just really suck. It can drain your energy, and just really decrease your quality of life overall. This is where a lot of people are in a bind, because traditional opiate medication can be very addictive, and can have plenty of side effects that most people don’t want to deal with, it can be pretty dangerous as well. A lot of people have started turning to kratom, just for pain or as an alternative to opiate medications. Now, there are different strains of kratom that are more or less effective for pain, so that’s something you need to consider when buying kratom. So, say if you have bad back pain, you don’t want to buy a thai strain, typically you don’t want to buy a thai strain. Some of the best strains of kratom are borneo strains, bali strains, indo strains and these are overall, pretty sedating kratom, types of kratom.

Typically, there’s kind of a link between pain relief and sedation, so that’s something to consider. Which kratom is like vicodin that’s pretty unique in this regard is maeng da. It’s good for pain, very good for pain, depends on who you get it from, but typically good for pain. and it’s also pretty stimulating. So, well the downside is it usually costs a little bit more, so that can be a good alternative for people who don’t prefer sedating strains, or don’t want to have to deal with sedation say while they’re at work, you know, or if they have demanding responsibilities and such. For those of you who are curious, I wanted to go over why kratom is good for pain. Kratom has a variety of different alkaloids, and the profile of effects for different kratom strains can be very different.

The main alkaloids that contribute to pain relief are 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. There are other mu opiod agonists, like mitraphylline but in comparison to those two primary alkaloids, they’re not as effective. So what you want to look for is a strain that’s high in these two alkaloids. That concludes Which kratom is like vicodin is red strain, if you guys have any questions or want to know anything else about getting the right strain for pain, just let me know..

Kratom from the source, Indonesia

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