What Is Kratom & Is It Like Weed? Brittany testimony

Learning about drugs even more fun so the drug i’m going to be talking about today is crossing i hope i’m saying that right crowd until you see it Crossin correct me if i’m wrong i’m going to keep saying kratom you had me at all I have been like into additional herbs and that kind of stuff pretty much since I learned the terrible suspect that some pharmaceuticals can have on your body your mind and all that stuff so I’ve been pre in Tulak medicinal herbs like legal natural herbs and stuff like that chrome has been getting like a lot of attention lately especially since the whole like legal status situation going on da trying to take it down and take it away but as of now it’s still illegal so I’m gonna tell you guys about the effects and like all that stuff i personally think that it’s a lot like cannabis in a way so this is all based on like research that I’ve done I haven’t personally tried problem so result be some personal research so one of the things that makes me think problem is a lot like cannabis is the effects that you get from it and why people actually use it and so what I found is that people use it for like author it ís in a lot of chronic conditions that have to do with pain stuff and these are a lot of the same conditions that would qualify you to get a medical marijuana card so there’s that correlation there and also the way that you actually ingest cotton reminds me a lot of cannabis edibles so after you’re ingesting the problem it usually takes around 40 to 60 minutes before you start to feel the effects which is pretty much like the same timeframe feel like cannabis edibles so but the overall aspects of problem are actually going to depend on how much you ingest and the strength of your product so i’m gonna go ahead and read you guys the effects for like low-to-moderate know Finch so this is that the stimulant level which is going to be just enough to feel the effects not too much recreational sex so at the stimulant level- more alert physical energy and sometimes sexual energy is increased one feels more motivated to get things done the ability to do hard monton uous physical work maybe includes that has an antidepressant effect one is more talkative friendly social the stimulant effects of chronic are different from typical C&S stimulants such as caffeine and set a menacing drugs crime is more problem is more of a conscious stimulants and physical stimulus oh my gosh location I don’t like to read out loud anyway sounds more to me like it’s going to be almost like a low to moderate dose into canada’s edible almost on like dash of at all but that’s pretty much what it sounds like to me it does seem like the stimulant level will be really great for someone that maybe suffers from social anxiety as it seems like talking and like being more social and friendly would be a lot easier so you like me might be a good medication for yourself um no but anyways I’m gonna go ahead and meet you affects like the sedate is super high dosage not super high just more of like recreational I so at this dosage you would be less sensitive to physical or emotional team feel and look calm have a general feeling of comfortable pleasure and may enter a pleasant dreaming Revere you may experience some itching or sliding your peoples may be constricted it is possible you may feel nauseated but if you lie down and relax and nausea she quickly side you may find your appreciation of music increase it will be very pleasant to lie down on your back and a semi darkened room with eyes closed and just listen to your favorite music if you do this you may be fortunate enough to enter the delightful mix state of wake of waking dream where you have one foot in the dreamland and the other foot in the real world the state was much prized by the 19th century romantic writers who lack in knowledge of kratom resorted to the much more habit-forming narcotic opean to achieve it so basically i’m getting from that I don’t really have anything you would compare that to you or like that feeling too because I’ve never been created more like anything to make me feel how i just described so does sound very interesting i’m not gonna lie but like i said i don’t really have anything to compare to you i will leave a link in the description for all the stuff like information like more effects if you guys are interested not stuff but i’m not really sure problem is something i would try just because it could become addictive but you notice maybe it just needs to be research more or something like that it is illegal and a few states here in the US but pretty much we go in a lot of other places.

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