Green Vein Kratom Maeng Da 1 Kilo Grams

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Green vein kratom Maeng Da powder:

  • This is one of the most common reasons that green vein kratom is used for recreational drug, endurance enhance and also to cleanup in a high dose.
  • Green vein kratom powder may be different than that of other strains.
  • It is the best idea to monitor dosage and start low if interested in the kratom powder.
  • Used for aromatherapy or soap.

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Green vein kratom Maeng Da is one of the most popular strains for recreational drugs.

This product has high potency and the best possible quality. The effects of this variety of kratom are unique to other vein types. The most common effects of green vein Maeng Da kratom use for social enhance also energy and endurance enhance, many customers report increasing sexual endurance.

Kratom Dosage chart:

  1. Light oral dose is to 2 – 4 grams. For greater sociability, increased motivation, increase focus and concentration.
  2. Common doses 4 – 7 grams. Common dosage for pain relief, Relaxation, euphoria feeling and Sex enhancement.
  3. Strong dose is more than 8 grams. This strong dose used to get off opiates or opiate withdrawal. Every person have different dose for opiate withdrawal, usually 10 grams.

People report they can free from drugs/alcohol addiction with the right dosage of kratom.

How to take green vein kratom maeng da?

The best way to take kratom is In condition of empty stomach by toss and wash, also if you okay with bitter taste you can mix with warm water and stir it and than drink all of them, also sip slice of lemon for finishing. Usually takes 5 minutes – 10 minutes for kratom to kick in.

Green vein maeng da kratom powder is slightly more expensive than the other products. It use for social enhance and increase the focus of the user. In our store you will get the cheap price, directly from indonesia kratom exporter. Used for aromatherapy or soap.

Specification: Green Vein Kratom Maeng Da 1 Kilo Grams


1000 gr

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