Kratom Strains, Purposes, Variables and Dosage Guide

Today I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about kratom dosage. Kratom dosage is one of those questions that I see asked a lot on kratom forums and on youtube, a variety of places. For anyone who is new to kratom, hopefully this will be a good resource and give you a ballpark range of what doses kratom has been traditionally used. Kratom dosage is important for a couple different reasons, one of the most important reasons is because if you don’t get the right dosage, it won’t be as effective medicinally, and also some strains can have different effects in different dosage ranges, so you want to make sure that your dosage corresponds with — you know — what you intend to receive medicinally from the plant. Another factor is side effects, occasionally kratom has side effects when it is taken in excess, such as: the wobbles, constipation, things of that nature, so if you’re taking too much too regularly, these things can occur.

The wobbles isn’t anything serious and is kind of a term that’s been coined in kratom forums, and kratom boards which kind of describes the feeling that you get when you take too much kratom, which is: your eyes won’t focus correctly, it’s not, it’s definitely not a dangerous thing, but I don’t recommend you drive if you have the wobbles. Some people get nauseous, others get headaches, but typically it, when you look from direction to direction, and from object to object, it takes a while for your eyes to focus on the thing that you’re looking at and can cause eye strain. As of yet, I haven’t heard any good explanations for why this happens, but my hypothesis is that its one of the fat soluble alkaloids in kratom, because you don’t really experience this if you make a tea and strain out the remaining powder.

There are a couple variabilities in kratom dosage, one of the biggest variability is the strain that you’re using. Some of the more sedating strains are more dose sensitive as far as side effects. For instance, bali strains, borneo strains and indo typically then can cause wobbles more frequently, but I’ve noticed with some strains of borneo have an extremely high wobble tolerance, you can take absurd amounts and not get the wobbles, so it’s very dependent on the strain and who you’re getting it from.

The average dosage range for somebody using borneo kratom, or bali or indo, is typically like one and a half grams to seven grams, some people take less and some people take more, for more stimulating effects you’re going to want to take less and for more sedating effects you’re going to want to take more. If you want pain relief, you’re probably going to have to lean on the higher side. For maeng da, the dosage range is typically about one gram to six grams, like i said at the others, it can vary depending on your needs. For those of you who don’t have a scale, or just don’t want to weight out kratom every time you decide to use it, a rough estimate is that a teaspoon is about one and a half to two and a half grams.

So, meaning a tablespoon is on average, tablespoons are on average five and a half to seven and a half grams, and um this weight really depends on how densely ground the kratom is, if it’s very densley ground and it’s compacted, you could get up to like eight grams, eight and a half grams per tablespoon, which is a lot more than expected and could push you into the side effects zone. For those who haven’t had kratom before, typically the suggested starting point is at about two grams, this will give you a good feel for kratom and let you gauge whether it is effective medicinally or not for you. Here’s the detail about how to use kratom

If you guys have any other questions or want to know anything else about kratom dosage, just let me know, contact us.

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