Kratom for opiate withdrawal: ‘Herbal Alternative’ The Addicts

Kratom for opiate withdrawal because its a psychoactive plant that is used as a herbal medicine and traditional medical herb in some areas of Southeast Asia thousands of years ago.

review of the literature reveal kratom centuries ago has become part of the plants consumed by the people especially those who settled in southern Thailand and northern Malaysia.

Kratom is included in the coffee family plants ( Rubiaceae ) producing important alkaloids such as caffeine. Tropical plants that grow as high as 4-16 meters and ordinary people take advantage of the leaves that have a width exceeding the hands of adults.

From the first, farmers and fishermen used to consume kratom leaves as a stimulant believed to be efficacious herbal boost labor productivity and driving fatigue. They used to consume kratom leaves by chewing such as betel leaves or brewed like tea.

Nicknamed plant Mitragyna speciosa grows in tropical countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, including in Indonesia. Kratom is widely known recently in the United States and several countries Eopa because prized as a medical alternative recreation.

Kratom is sold and marketed like a supplement in capsule form and fine powder. Besides labeled as herbal recreation potent pain reliever, kratom is also intended for users who want to be separated from narcotics addiction.

Mitragyna Speciosa, In a dried and powdered form.

Commodities and growing market kratom users accompanied by a range of scientific research. In the field of medical science, some researchers acknowledge kratom as a plant that could be used for alternative treatment needs.

Professors who pursue the field of emergency medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Erdward W. Boyer , pocketing  record research resultsthat reveal the reason kratom could be a medical plant recreation.

If consumed in low doses, says Boyer, kratom can act as a stimulant and helps improve focus. As for the use of high doses, kratom can be a sedative that produces anti-pain effects of opiate withdrawal.

According to Boyer, the sensation of relaxation that occurs because of the active ingredients in kratom, that mitragynine and 7- hydroxymitragynine , bind to opioid receptors in the human body.

Boyer calls kratom as effective as morphine in relieving pain. “You can get a very potent analgesic (from kratom),” Boyer said as quoted by CNN .

DEA targeted

Agency US Antinarkotik (DEA) address the serious phenomenon of the proliferation of the use of kratom are becoming a trend in the number of people, especially young people. In August 2016 , DEA enter kratom in the list of plants (bersubstansi) considered necessary gain control.

DEA considers kratom high potential to cause dependence. They intend to classify plants into the kind of narcotics Category I, like cannabis, ecstasy, heroin, and cocaine.

Based on DEA kajijan, kratom use in the long term can cause irritability, aggressive, emotional lability changes, aches in muscle and bone, as well as difficulty moving limbs.

Law enforcement agencies law psychotropic US surveillance was then temporarily imposed a ban on the use of kratom for the public. DEA considers vulnerable kratom opiate abused by the public as a recreation.

DEA’s decision protests from various quarters, including from researchers. Kratom to categorize as narcotics group I considered not unlike limit the space for further research to assess the benefits of the plant substances.

DEA ban was considered no less controversial given US citizens consider kratom has changed their life much more meaningful in a positive sense.

Finding great pressure from the public, DEA in  October 2016 to revoke their temporal policy matter kratom ban for public use.

To avoid the tendency of making policy unilaterally, DEA then flipped the response or responses from the public opinion until the deadline of December 1, 2016. The public response that has been entered will be taken into consideration in addressing the status of kratom DEA.

DEA Consideration will also refer to the formal input from the Agency for Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who is considered missed because it has been passed kratom as non-opium crop. Up to this writing, the DEA has not issued an official statement continued.

Long before the DEA opened the public response to the move to outlaw kratom, users herbs that have raised his voice and give testimony in a variety of online forums.

The user experience

The Washington Post  had published a paper on their search for how people feel the influence, sensation, or effects experienced when taking kratom. Literature is used as a reference source is the site . known as the site of the online encyclopedia devoted to this in detail about psychoactive substances are contained in a variety of mediums. Profile two founders, named aka Earth and Fire, was published in the in-depth review in The New Yorker last year, coinciding with the anniversary of two decades of their sites.

On site Erowid, the different types of psychoactive substances ranging from caffeine to heroin can share personal experiences while under the influence of substances they consume.

Testimony those users would get a curation of the moderator, are classified into sub-categories, before later published in Such reports are usually used as a reference for researchers and drug seekers who want to know more details about the information of substance.

Especially for kratom, there are at least 290 such testimonies user experience detail reports recorded entry and posted on Erowid since 2001. Hundreds of kratom users report that becomes a reference subject of research published by Marc Swogger and some of his colleagues in  the journal Drugs psychoactive last year.

Swogger in research journals to record and report classifies the user experience into positive and negative categories. Classification was then sub-categorized into the experience sensations such as euphoria, relaxation, nausea, itching, and so on.

The results of the classification Swogger showed that the majority of users kratom (30.4 percent) experience a relaxed and comfortable, and the euphoria when taking them with high dosage. “Some users describe the effects that they experience it as they feel when taking opium,” said Swogger.

Meanwhile, the most negative comments on kratom is about 16 percent of users claimed to feel nauseated. Beyond that there is also admitted often shivering and sweating every time consuming kratom.

An important note of the study was, in every positive experience on a substance surely there will always be negative thoughts that accompany it. However, the ratio of good and bad experiences the effects of kratom somewhat smaller than cannabis, heroin, cocaine, let alone alcohol.

Alternative medicine

Today many drug users, at least in the United States, began to turn on kratom. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently received a growing number of reports dealing with individual problems kratom.

Within the last five years, a report on kratom coming into CDC has increased 10-fold, from 26 in 2010 to 263 in 2015. A total of 35 percent of reports received concerning the case of the use of kratom combined with other substances such as benzodiazepines tranquilizers atapun with other types of narcotics.

Some people choose because it is considered a potent kratom eliminate pain. One of them is Leonard Rodda, who is now a seller of kratom in herbal packs in his small shop in Atlanta.

Rodda began to make kratom as a daily supplement intake since two years ago. He turned on kratom after experiencing adverse side effects of drugs prescribed after he suffered a car accident.

Before Rodda know kratom, admittedly very poor life. Anti-pain medication prescribed by a doctor put him to sleep most of the time. Each went to the cinema, for example, Rodda will definitely fall asleep in the middle of the film.

“That’s not the way I live my life. I was always an active person. I have always worked,” Rodda said as he recounted his experience to CNN .

After getting to know kratom, Rodda realized her old self back. He claims to have started back in the past of outdoor activities and cycling as usual.

“Quality of life is the most important, and I think kratom has been providing the best,” said Rodda.

Rodda always taking two capsules of kratom each morning. The pain he experienced after a car accident is gone. Many of the customers who come to the store Rodda also have similar goals: looking for pain relief.

“Kratom does give you a bit of euphoria,” said Rodda. “Sometimes it can also help concentrating better. There are also variants that boost mood.”

Kratom for sale online

Sales kratom increase because there is a market to buy it. Not only in America, in Indonesia also kratom has become a commodity in demand by the finite.

Kratom is sold with packaging that is neat and even own brand of each seller. The kratom sellers hawking their wares online, either through Facebook, Instagram, or through shanties services online sellers.

Kratom capsules are sold in packs or fine powder. One bottle usually contains 80-100 kratom capsules and is priced at a price range Rp100-200 thousand.

Model sales in Indonesia the same as that of the kratom sellers in America. In the land of Uncle Sam even some that opened a specialty store kratom.

There are many types of variants (strains) of kratom. Two strains are the most widely sold type of Maeng Da kratom and Red Vein. Maeng Da kratom is promoted by the seller as producing stimulant that gives the effect of improving mood and energy.

While the Red Vein as providing a relaxing effect, making the body feel light, and normalize blood circulation. If Maeng Da recommended for use at work / activity, Red Vein suggested by the seller to be consumed at the time to relax.

Kratom for opiate withdrawal?
Erward Boyer researchers noted, the use of kratom has become popular among limited because it is often advertised as a supplement that can be an alternative to overcome the addiction from narcotics or certain drugs.

According to Boyer, the handling of the problem of addiction to certain drugs require patients to more frequent back and forth go to the doctor to get a prescription. It does not apply to kratom, for enough buyers to order instantly through online.

Boyer underlines the important notes that ‘easy handling’ is given kratom no means can be summed up as a solution for now.

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