Discover Natural Health: Pure Organic Kratom Powder and Capsules

Are you searching for natural pain relief that can help you avoid or escape the clutches of opioid medications? You’ve found it, in Original Harvest kratom powders and capsules. At Original Harvest, we are passionate about natural, holistic health. If there’s an alternative to dangerous pharmaceuticals, we want to bring it to you in the safest, purest form possible. That’s why all our kratom powders are made from the leaf of the Mitragyna speciosa tree and are sourced from a single, reliable partner farm in Indonesia.

After our expert cultivators have harvested and cured the kratom leaves, the powders are sent to us fresh, free of fillers and additives. We then send kratom powder samples to a laboratory in the US, where each strain is tested for authenticity. Want to see the results? They are displayed on each corresponding product page! Here at Original Harvest Kratom, we offer strains from all over Southeast Asia, in three distinct varieties named for the color of the leaf vein at harvest: Red Vein kratom is most often chosen for its sedating properties. Our Bali Red Vein kratom powder and capsules, for instance, are relaxing, relieve anxiety, and present a natural alternative for pain management. Kratom of the Green Vein variety tends to offer a nice balance of stimulation and pain relief Our Borneo Green Vein kratom powder eases anxiety and gives you a gentle energy boost, and Maeng Da Green Vein kratom capsules are one of our most popular and potent strains for these effects. For those seeking an energy boost but dealing with minimal pain, white vein kratom is most recommended. Our Borneo White Vein kratom powder provides long-lasting and clean-burning energy, and mental clarity.

If regular strains just don’t cut it for you, a high-powered option like Super Indo white vein kratom capsules provide a “step up” on the energy spectrum. Original Harvest also offers a fourth option: “Yellow” kratom. This powder is made using a combination of Green Vein and White Vein leaves, fermented and dried using a special method. Our Bali Yellow kratom powder relaxes and banishes pain without putting you to sleep and Sumatra Yellow kratom capsules ease anxiety with gentle, deep sedation.

Which kratom strain best suits your needs? Did we mention Original Harvest kratom is certified 100% organic? That means your holistic, natural supplement is nothing but pure, healing kratom leaves. Kratom capsules are made from the same high-quality product, and we’re happy to report that each capsule is plant-based and vegan (no animal gelatin!), filled and measured with a dose of pure kratom powder so you always know exactly how much you’re getting. Ready to embark on your all-natural, full-body health journey? Then choose motherland botanical sanctuary.


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